DB/TextWorks Feature List

Version 6.0

Thesaurus as validation list
Bar code generator app

Version 5.2

Ability to import export XML file formats

Enhanced log file features

Prompts for text imput enabled

Record level security

INI options for current textbase user info

Expanded line limit for tagged file format

Version 5.1

URL cataloging of Web pages Form scripts for printing reports

Version 5.1

Relevance ranking in search results

Send report as mail with attachments

Expanding text windows in form designs

Scripts for forms with prompted text

Version 4.2

Check spelling as you type

Ability to skip N labels when printing

"Script Input" boxes for design forms

Scripts to change Boolean buttons

Version 4.1


Live Hyperlinks in Report

Improved Scripting Capabilities

SMTP support for “Send Report as Mail”

Version 4.0

Send report as email option

Pictures/Logos in menu and query screens and display and edit forms

Images in reports

Improved form designer

Script buttons for forms, queries & menus

Cascading search menus (a search menu can open another search menu)

Version 3.0

Spell Check

More exact searching options

Copy/Rename & Delete Textbase menu choices

Window size and position retained

Automatic window synchronization

Last-used Import/Export and Batch Modify options are retained

Version 2.0

Copy record and report to clipboard

Year 2000 customization

ASCII delimited & HTML import options

More textbase maintenance options

Improved imaging including annotations

Edit secondary records