WebPublisher Feature List

Version 6.0

XML support

New search options in command queries

Version 5.2

Record level security      Supports disabled access technology

INI options for current textbase user info


Version 5.0

Relevance ranking in search results

New query button


Report window & record display window at can appear at the same time


Version 4.2

Ability to search multiple textbases

Improved form conversion

Version 4.1

Improved report appearance matches DB/TextWorks desktop reports

Button and Message Customization

Multi-Lingual interface capabilities


Version 4.0

Release for compatibility with


DB/TextWorks version 4.0
Version 3.0

Ability to use email and URL links

Support for secured web pages (HTTPS)

Ability to search for textbase

Uses Virtual Directory Tree instead of installing in the web root

Ability to specify position of Next/Previous buttons and form list

Version 2.0

Word wheel browsing

Choices droplist

HTML page backgrounds

QBE screen help link