Library Catalog Automation Sequence

Initial Consulting

     Review library organizaiton and procedures

     Evaluate status of current catalog or inventory

     Select software and services

Project Planning

     Prepare define the scope of the work

     Establish the project organization

     Outline tasks and fees

     Coordinate the timing of the project

     Schedule on-site consulting and training

Software installation and training

     Purchase, install, and test the software

     Review tutorials and working notes

     Begin training in searching, sorting & printing records

     Modify book catalog and subject authority reports

Database Design

     Modify structure of the catalog database
     Create style sheet and sample record

     Begin to document database procedures

     Assist in labeling procedures

Create Catalog Records     

     Convert data

     Arrange for cataloging service as needed

     Create authority lists for subjects, etc.  

     Identify titles to eliminate or add to database

     Create reports for editing and quality control

     Begin to enter new records

Data Entry

     Load catalog records

     Load cross-reference records

     Monitor data entry logs to assure all data is entered

Database Testing     

     Test newly created database to assure quality of data

     Modify catalog records as needed

     Document quality control procedures

Ongoing technical & application support:

     Via on-site visits, telephone, fax & modem