Good database software is:

. . . flexible and able to handle all types of information, including text, images, multimedia, and allows you to go beyond the library to make you an information leader in your organization.

.  .  . able to automatically index and catalog non-bibliographic and non-text documents. DB/Text Intranet Spider automatically catalogs all kinds of documents including Web pages. The DB/Text Import Filter effortlessly imports and indexes more than 60 popular file formats directly into a textbase.
. . . fast in indexing and quick to retrieve search results. An Inmagic keyword search across 100,000 records on a 80486DX/33 PC takes less than one second.

. . . software you can count on. For more that 25 years information professionals worldwide have been relying on Inmagic software. It’s the number one software for special library cataloging.

. . . is produced by a company that responds to users, responds to their needs, and delivers enhancements you need. Inmagic, Inc maintains a wish list and actively refers to it when making new developments. The spell check dictionary in the latest release of DB/TextWorks was the number one request by Inmagic users.

. . . showcased in a series of success stories.  Land O’Lakes and competitive files, patents and online library is one example to read about in detail. Others include Mallinckrodt, Inc’s competitive intelligence files and BASF Corporation’s 2010 Library.
. . . optimized to manage and publish diverse corporate information with leading edge technology. With Inmagic software you can not only retrieve but also update and add information via Web browsers.
. . . consistently supported by knowledgeable, experienced business partners. Legal Information Management, one of Inmagic Inc’s first business partners, has been providing dependable technical support and database solutions since 1984.