Black, David B. Document Capture for Document Imaging Systems. Association for Information and Imaging Managers, 1993. 
Going beyond simple descriptions of scanning, indexing and storing, Black describes an in-depth approach to building production document input systems that have high through-put and are secure, audible, scaleable, and flexible. 
D'Alleyrand, Marc. Workflow in Imaging Systems. Association for Information and Imaging Management, 1993. 
This concise book show how to improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs using imaging, including how to analyze and redesign information flow to maximize productivity.

Dyke, Thomas. This ROI Analysis Shows Document Imaging Pays Off, Managing Litigation Costs, May, 1994. 
This article compares operating costs over a one-year period for imaging, paper and micrographic systems and makes a compelling argument form imaging. 
Hartman, Debra. Stop the Paper Shuffle Now: Document Imaging in the Courtroom has Arrived. Michigan Lawyers Weekly, June 7, 1993, p. S1B. 
Review of software that utilizes imaging and CD-ROM for easy and effective presentation of evidentiary material in live courtroom settings. Discusses issues of admissibility of images in the courtroom, and organization, preparation and coordination of material, as well as systems cost.

Information & Image Management: The State of the Industry 1993, Association for Information and Image Management, 1993 
This year's study is a more comprehensive profile of document imaging industry size, applications, technology trends, market trends, and user attitudes. Based on a survey of vendors and end users, it covers electronic image management products & services, micro graphic products & services. 
Letterman, Glenda. Revolutionizing the Paperwork Problem. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 12, 1993, p. S1. Imaging and OCR are presented as a means of managing the problems of the average litigation attorney who spends 18.5 hours per week reviewing and preparing documents.
Starbird, Robert C. and Gerald C. Vilhauer. A Manager's Guide to Electronic Imaging. Association for Information and Image Management, 1993. 
This booklet designed for managers as well as staff and operations personnel discusses the basics of electronic imaging operations and equipment including Establishing a Sound Electronic Records Management Program. 
Yammarino, Glenn L., Robert H. Lindsay and Steven L. Kastell. What an Imaging System Can -- and Can't --Do
The National Law Journal, April 19, 1993, p. S9. Review of the maturing imaging technology and recent advances on OCR. Outlines the pros and cons of the system. Discusses system configurations, and system selection.
Zimmermann, Kim Ann. How Lawyers Use Imaging to Bury their Opponents. Imaging Magazine, August 1993, p. 60-70. 
A comprehensive overview article offering tips for choosing your legal firm's imaging system and a discussion of imaging issues unique to law firms. 

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