Enthusiasm . . .
"She is by far the best trainer I have ever had, for any computer software program. --Lisa, Paralegal, Tucson
"The presentation was very coherent and organized. Specific examples were used to illustrate every point. I appreciated the time taken to answer every question with useful information. She didn't allow us to go too far down the rabbit trails. An overall excellect presentation." -- Heather, Paralegal, San Francisco Law Firm
"Great training class. Very clear instructions and handbook. " --Mary, IT Manager, San Francisco Law Firm
"Ann was very orgaized in her presentation and was able to explain well all of the features in a concise way - touching upon the ones with which I was familiar and expanding upon the ones with which I was not. She did not get bogged down in the simiple things. She did a great job (considering the variety of experience in of the people in the class) of covering the basics and the advanced." --Deborah, Private Law Firm Librarian, San Francisco Law Firm
"Ann has provded this firm, as well as myself, with outstanding user assistance and technical support. She has provided exceptional instruction through several seminars." - William, San Francisco Law Firm
". . . Showed me a lot of shortucts. " --Melissa, Law Librarian, San Francisco Law Firm