Web Publishing - Access your database from any Web browser. Search, print and edit records from any location with Internet access. Rely on our redundant and off-site backups for secure and uninterrupted publishing.

Training - I customize training to meet your needs and can use your data for instruction.  Schedule training at your location or via Web meetings. I emphasize learning and practicing skills to maximum retention. My clients have been enthusiastic.

Consulting - My consulting specialty is Special Library, Litigation, Law Practice Support applications. I create custom applications -- structures, menus, query screens, display, edit and print forms for desktops, networks and the Web. My clients have given many kudos.

Service Contracts - Call me for toll-free technical advice. You'll get timely, knowledgeable and accurate support. I often use Web meetings via www.gotomeeting.com to demonstrate techniques and solutions.  

Data Conversion - I convert data in all formats including MARC biblopgraphic records. I will help you import data into your database or deduplicate it, using proven quality control methods for data integrity.